Bella Vista Property Owners Association

     Chairman of Utilities and Environment Committee

     Member of Board of Directors

     Chairman of Planning Committee

     Member of Long Range Golf Planning Committee

Member of Bella Vista City Council for 6 years, starting with incorporation as a city in 2007

Mayor Pro-Tem for 4 years

Vice-Chairman of the Bella Vista Planning Commission

Member of St. Theodore's Episcopal Church. Served on its Vestry

Co-Chairman of Bella Vista Library Expansion Fund Raising Committee





Education and Background
Born August 19, 1939, married to Marianne (retired Director of the Bella Vista Library), have 4 daughters, 8 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren        
Entered The Citadel at age 16 and graduated with a BA in Business Administration and served in the US Air Force.
Worked in accounting, budgeting and finance areas, rising to VP of Finance.
Owned and operated a real estate and property management business for 23 years in Dallas, Texas.
Retired and moved to Bella Vista in 2002
Why I am running for JP
The challenges facing Benton County and the Quorum Court are complicated and will require long and short term planning skills as well as financial understanding.  When making decisions and plans for the future of Benton County,  I will always be aware of the citizens' tax burden and thoughtfully consider each decision.  I believe that my background in business and community service gives me the knowledge and experience to be of service to all citizens.  
Since retiring and moving to Bella Vista in 2002, my wife and I have always been active in the community.  I enjoy serving others and want to make NWA an even better place for all, both for the short and long term. 

What is a Justice of the Peace

The State of Arkansas has three levels of government:  State, County and Municipal.

At the county level of government, the governing body is a "Quorum Court".  The Quorum Court is headed by the "County Judge".  A member of the Quorum Court is called a "Justice of the Peace".  In other parts of the country, members of a county government are generally called County Commissioners.  The county government is responsible for all unincorporated areas of the county.  This includes county roads and the sheriff's department as well as providing a jail for all of the county.  Funds to do these things come from property and sales taxes.


Current Major Issues

Court room space is the most pressing issue currently. Benton County court rooms are scattered in different buildings. Due to the cramped conditions and scattered locations, there are problems with the safety of those in the court rooms; in addition, it is very costly to transport and guard  prisoners to and from the jail to the court rooms in scattered locations. The State of Arkansas has added an additional court for Benton County beginning in 2020.

Jail overcrowding is also an issue facing the citizens of Benton County. The State mandates that certain types of prisoners must be kept separated from others. The county is also holding prisoners awaiting transfer to state facilities. At the current time the number of inmates exceeds the stated bed capacity on any given day, causing inmates to sleep in portable beds on the floor. Because of the cell sizes these portable beds must be moved in and out each day. Solving this issue is complicated, long term, and expensive.


McNelly road and its intersection with Highway 71 is the biggest road problem that the County faces. McNelly road is in north Benton County at the southern edge of Bella Vista and is highly traveled during rush hours. Planning for improvement of traffic flow in this area and determining its cost are a must for the county in the near furture.


Peter Christe, Mayor of Bella Vista

Frank Anderson, Former Mayor of Bella Vista

Sue Scott, Former State Representative

Tim Summers, Former JP and State Representative

John Flynn, Bella Vista City Councilman and Mayor Pro-Tem

Jim Wozniak, Former JP, Bella Vista City Councilman

Steve Morrow, Manager Allen's Foods

Dick Rooney, Former Bella Vista City Councilman, Past Pres. of Fly Tiers,              Pres. BV Recycling Foundation

If you like what you see here and think that I can help make Benton County a better place for all of us, please consider helping offset the cost of my running for this office by making a financial contribution to the above address.  Thank you.


Primary election is March 3, 2020

General election is November 3, 2020

Your vote is important.  Please vote.

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